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Dates Vinegar


Dates vinegar has been used for years as both food and medicine in the Middle East and amongst the health benefits of dates vinegar are:• Weight Loss: Drinking dates vinegar will help suppress your appetite and reduce hunger.• Prevent cancer: As with eating apricot seeds, regular intake of dates vinegar will help prevent abdominal cancer.• Weak hea..


Elaichi Sharbat (Sherbat-e-Illaichi)


Halal Sharbat e elaichi is one of the favorite drinks to beat the summer heat and frequentthirst. It is excellent cooling drink for digestive system, kidney, heart, lungs, respiratory system and skin. It is blood purifier. Eating cardamom or drinking ElaichiSharbat can helpus for treating following diseases and medical issue• Sore Throat• Respirato..


Jamun Honey 1KG


Benefits of Jamun Honey: It contains 1:1 fructose to glucose. Fructose unlocks the enzyme required to convert glucose to glycogen which is essential fuel for prolonged exercise. … It helps in reducing weight: It is advisable to have warm water with honey on an empty stomach as first thing in the morning• Natural Blood Purifier• Good for Eye and Ski..


Sultan Braino Plus (Capsules)


Weakening of retentive power of memory and lack of concentrationFor refreshing and soothing heart and brainFor maintaining physical fitnessFor revitalising heart, brain and nervesFor relieving headache, sleeplessness palpitation of heart as also for improving eyesightFor removing bad breath Promoting digestion..

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